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Compass Star $30
A compass star made of textured clear glass, surrounded by cobalt blue. Approximately 8"

Just One Note! $30
Musical note composed of black waterglass with a smoky white background. Approximately 7" x 8".

Bunny in a Basket $35
Cute little white bunny in a basket with eggs. Approximately 7" x 9"


Round suncatcher with Youghiogheny glass petals surrounding an ammonite fossil.  Approximately 12"


Morning Glories
Beautiful blues and green and white Youghiogheny glass.  12" $75

Chrysanthemum Stone
Black and clear glass spirals around a beautiful chrysanthemum stone. 9 1/2"  $50

Green glass surrounds a genuine ammonite fossil.  9 1/2"   $50

Choku Rei
Choku Rei, the Reiki symbol of power.  Available in the color of your choice. $25

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